Develop your business to reach 5k-10k per month as your new reality as an online coach or therapist.

Using True queen formula that blends mindset, energetics and attraction marketing !

True queen, you want more than a business, you want to create an empire:

As a solopreneur, online coach and wellness entrepreneur, you want a new reality where your business generates 5-10k per month as the new norm.

You want to finally go beyond the 1000€-2000€ stage to finally reach 10k per month so that you're no longer living at the end of each month. You want more, to be able to provide the services you imagine to numerous people and not spend your days creating posts that no one looks at.

Above all, you know deep down you want to create a solid empire to make an international impact thanks to your story, your offer and to create a life in your own image.

Let's create that together, because it's possible to be authentic, ambitious, financially free and attract customers fully aligned with your offer without being ghosted.

True empire coaching the support that helps you sell every day without sacrificing your life and having fun

In 4 simple steps you can create the foundations of your empire

You'll finally be able to create an empire with global impact without sacrificing your life, attract your soul clients and, above all, be able to live anywhere you want as long as you have a phone and a computer.

By joining this True queen coaching, you will stop wasting your time scrolling on the internet, comparing yourself with people in your niche, stop doubting yourself and create a balance between your personal and professional life :

  • Thanks to some simple strategies, you'll be able to double your income within the first few months.

  • You'll create a CEO mindset by overcoming your fear of selling, your fear of money and, above all, your fear of not being enough, by feeling legitimate enough to sell your services and reach a minimum of 5k.

  • Wake up every morning, knowing the key steps you need to take to create a business where you no longer sacrifice your life, but rather put it at your service.

I created an international brand in less than 6 months, without having more than 1,000 subscribers who enable me to sell every day.

I remember as soon as I got up in the morning after my alarm went off, I'd press the snooze button again and again. Instead of taking care of myself, I'd get up, go to my computer and look for payment or subscription notifications on my networks. However, all I received were messages from coaches offering me their services.

Then I'd spend my day creating posts on canva. But at the same time, I was surfing the web looking at other coaches in search of a magic solution, so I signed up for masterclasses in the hope of having the solution to my problem to sell more. Everyone I thought, I've done this before.

As the day went on, my anxiety grew, because I was afraid of selling and thinking that if I had a customer who signed up for one of my offers, would I be able to help them? In reality, I was sabotaging myself. I was even eating in front of my computer so as not to waste time, feeling guilty for taking care of myself.

In the end, I'd end the day disappointed, and every day was the same, until one day I realized I had a mindset problem.

Before the True queen empire formula, I wasn't selling. I was chasing subscribers, when subscribers don't count. I'd spend hours replying to subscribers to convince them to take my offer. I didn't feel legitimate talking about my offer and so I spent my days scrolling through the networks watching others live the life of my dreams. Worst of all, I didn't dare say what I was thinking for fear of offending, being judged and attracting haters. I attracted people who wanted to be saved or wanted to work with me, because I was cheap.

I focused on creating a link between my story and my community. So I created my podcast Be Your Own Truth, I developed it using a totally organic strategy with now over 19,000 listens present in over 120 countries and that allows me to sell through my Instagram account and my podcast.

I realized that I had to live up to my vision of creating an international empire where true queens don't have to go through the same challenges as me. This decision allows me to make a living from my business and above all from my passion, to be my own truth.

Today, I'm passing on to you what I've learned so that you can save time, avoid comparing yourself to others in the business and define your own rules for a profitable business without sacrificing yourself.

How does it work?

Mindset: 5 connections of femininity

Overcoming mental blocks: the aim is to reconnect with why you set out in the first place, to get rid of fear of judgment, failure and procrastination.

After this step

  • You'll know what your transformation is, so you'll have a unique point of view when it comes to selling your offer.
  • Get to know your core customers, so you don't waste time trying to talk to everyone.
  • Have confidence in yourself, and above all create a CEO mindset

Signature offer : Connection of your service

Create a signature offer: you'll identify the need to create a signature offer to attract your core customers without sacrificing your time.

After this step

  • You'll be able to define your vision of your empire uniquely
  • An offer and positioning that will set you apart in your niche
  • You'll have the basis for attracting customers with your offer based on your needs.

Attraction marketing: connection of your empire

Get to know the actions to sell and attract your soul customers using attraction marketing where your customers ask you to work with them.

After this step

  • You'll learn how to create great posts that speak directly to your target audience.
  • You'll stop wasting time looking for inspiration, because it's your story.
  • You'll learn storytelling to create a link between your story and your target.

Automatisation : connection of freedom

Learn how to recycle your posts to attract leads to your business every day, so you can grow your business and have more free time.

After this step

  • You'll learn how to use pinterest to generate leads every day on your social networks or sales page.
  • You'll learn how to recycle your content and put it on your other networks to save time.

True empire is designed to generate 5-10k per month

It includes:

-My experience as a biological researcher, which has enabled me to understand human behavior, blocks, beliefs and self-sabotaging mechanisms that prevent you from being yourself on the networks.

My marketing tools have enabled me to have a 5-figure business and develop a podcast with +19,000 ad-free listens in 3 years.

-My mindset mechanisms that will enable you to sell without being afraid of not being enough or of comparing yourself to others, to stop making content just to please others that prevents you from selling.

True empire coaching

This 3-month coaching program will teach you how to generate repeat sales by balancing your personal and professional life to attract customers.

It includes 3 months of support with me, with your access to a private messaging system 5/7d.

As well as videos and workbooks to help you create your own business and offers.

2 zoom calls per month (6 in total) where we take an in-depth look at your message, your transformation, your mindset and your marketing strategy.

Payment options

1 time 5000€


4 times x1250€


6 times x 835€

Charlie is spiritual & energetic coach

She was block to 0 sale for 6 month, she bought one to one coach in order to generate sale, to become virale When she came in my world, we fix her mindset, find her signature offer and start to sale 6 offers after 2 session with me. This true queen now, determinate her own rule and she is pai to be own truth.

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